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The Bible Prepared us for Islam


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Islamic Pictures.
Islam has contributed to art in many ways. I would like to share some of the beauty with you here.

Damascus, Syria

The Blue Mosque

The Prophets Mosque


That looks pretty


This Mosque is shown in EVERY picture of Jerusalem, most people wouldn't even recognize Jerusalem without this Mosque. Why would anyone want to destroy it? Would you destroy a Van Gogh?

Medina, Saudi Arabia


Halls of Medina Mosque

The Faithful

Still in Medina

A Closer Look

An Example Of Unity In Islam

The Mosque Of Abraham

The Bible Say's The Curse Of The Tower Of Babel Will Be Lifted One Day, And The Believers Shall be United In One Language--One Faith.

The Qur'an Say's That Muhammad Was Sent As A Mercy Onto The World--I Thank Allah And His Messenger For Uniting Us As He United No One Else Before Us.

The Curse From The Time Of Babel Is Lifted To All Who Accept Islam.

Of Course, We Are Not United In The Middle East Only, But Also In L.A. California

In Our Nations Capital.

Rockchester, N.Y.


A Different View

Come To Prayer, Come To Success!!

Leave Us And Our Mosque's In Peace.

Medina Again, (Oh, like it isn't worth showing again?)