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Muslims Across The World Are Surrounded In Controversy
As Muslims, we just want to be free to practise our religion. We welcome converts with no discrimination (I am a prime example). And we love people to ask honest questions, but we don't infringe on others. How many people have had Muslims knock on their doors to preach the religion. We disturb no one, but we are constantly being disturbed.

Masjid Ibrahim (Abraham) Peace Be Upon Him.
What is happening? Why is this happening? We worship one God, just like Jew's and Christian's. Why do they think they have the right to bully us!?!
Survey of Israeli acts of aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque since 1967

Twenty-six years have passed since Messianic Jews tried to and partially
succeeded in burning-down Islam's third holiest sanctuary, the blessed
Al-Aqsa Mosque. The nefarious sacrilege was by no means, as the Israeli
government then suggested, an isolated act committed by a deranged man
who acted on his own. Quite the contrary, the morbid Israeli designs
against the sacred Muslim Shrine show that that diabolical feat was a deliberate
collective act of aggression carried out with the unmistakable acquiescence
of the Israeli political establishment and the active encouragement of
much of the world's Jewry and their fundamentalist Christian allies.

The following is a list of the acts of aggression and desecration against
Al- Aqsa Mosque since June 7,1967:

June 7,1967: The occupation authorities confiscated the keys of the
Western Gate known as Bab El-Magharba immediately after Israeli troops
seized the town from the fleeing Jordanians.

June 9,1967: The congregational Friday prayer was not held on orders
from the occupation authorities. That was the first time the Juma'a
prayer didn't take place since the liberation of Jerusalem from the
hands of the Crusaders in 1167 AD. On October 19,1990, The Juma'a prayer
was delayed for two hours because the the occupation authorities denied
Muslim worshiper entry to the Haram compound.

June 21,1969: An Australian-born terrorist, Denis Michael Rohan, entered
the mosque and set the magnificent Nurrukin Zinki Mihrab on fire. The
fire gutted the unique Mihrab, which was restored. The sacrilegious
act against the mosque was condemned world-wide, but was praised by wide
segments of world Jewry and Christian fundamentalists who view the
creation of Israel in Palestine as a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy
and a precedence to the second advent of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him).

November 16, 1969: The Israeli occupation authorities seized the Fakhriyya
Corner on the south-western side of the Haram Al-Sharif.

August 14,1970: The Gershon Salmon group, an ultra-fanatic group
dedicated to the so-called 'rebuilding' of the Temple of Solomon on the
site of Al-Aqsa Mosque after it is demolished, forcibly entered the
premises of the Haram, but were repulsed by Muslims. The confrontation
resulted in tens of worshiper's being injured by Israeli troop gunfire.

April 19,1980: A group of Jewish Rabbis and sages held a semi-secret
conference devoted to exploring ways and means "to liberate the Temple
Mount from Muslim hands".

August 28,1980: The Israeli occupation authorities dug a tunnel right
underneath the Mosque. See below for their intended results.

March 30,1982: Numerous leters were sent to Muslim Waqf authorities urging
them to abandon the Temple Mount and warning them of the dire consequence
of their "usurpation of our Temple". The letters were written in Hebrew,
English, French ,Spanish and Polish.

May 20,1982: Several Zionist organizations sent death threats to Waqf

April 11,1982: An Israeli soldier named Allen Goodman stormed the interior
of the Mosque, spraying worshipers with bullets from his M-16 assault
rifle, killing and wounding over 60 Palestinians.

March 26,1983: The main entrance to the Jerusalem's Waqf department
collapsed due to Israeli excavations underneath.

August 21,1985: The Israeli police permitted Jewish extremists to hold
prayers within the confines of the Haram premises.

August 4, 1986: A group of Rabbis issued a final ruling allowing Jews to
pray at the Haram Al-Sharif, and demanded the establishment of a Synagogue
in the area.

May 12,1988: Israeli soldiers opened fire on a peaceful Muslim march at
the Haram, Killing and wounding about a hundred Palestinians.

August 8,1990: The Israeli authorities committed a grisly massacre at
the Al- Aqsa Mosque, Killing 22 worshipers and injuring over 200.

And on July 25, 1995, the Israeli High Court of Justice issued a ruling,
allowing Jews to pray at the "Temple Mount". The decision sparked off
widespread protests among Muslims.

Don't Take This The Wrong Way, But...
As an American, and a proud one at that, I don't condone ANY acts of terrorism on the innocent peoples of any country. And I hear everyone in America say the same thing.
I hear them question the violent tactics that the Palestinian peoples take to reclaim the land they are being brutally robbed of. But look at just these few acts of aggression as mentioned above, and the peaceful demonstrations that the Palestinians took. What did it get them?
As I mentioned, I am part Cherokee Native America. I don't need a boat to return to my 'home-land' like so many English-men. And I know full well the history of my peoples.
I know that as they were being beaten & slaughtered, and their children being forced into Christianity, they tried to defend themselves and their lands. They had neither the artillery that the English had, nor the military training that these "settlers" had, and no amount of peaceful negotiations would work, because of the religious extremism that the English had of 'manifest destiny'. Nothing else worked, so the Native Americans had to resort to violence... AND THEY WERE CALLED TERRORISTS!!!
Again, this does not condone the attack on the U.S.S. Cole. The people who organized and carried that out are destined for the Hell-Fire, for they were only children who knew nothing about the military except that it would get them a free college education. May Allah rest the souls of those children on the Cole.
This, and similar incidence, aside. We cannot compare the Palestinians to the British occupation of India. For there was no religious reason for the British to be there, except conversion of the "infidel's". The Israeli's want the Arabs gone; they don't care about conversion. Also, Ghandi had major access to the media. Better than any bomb or gun, the media is the most powerful weapon one can hold. The Palestinians get very little media attention except from some kids and the few people who support the stories that most reporters are looking for--the blood and the gore.
Too often, I hear people criticize the Muslims for religious 'extremism' or 'fanaticism', but the Zionists say that they must kill anyone who stands in their way of demolishing someone else's religious site for the sake of building their own...BECAUSE GOD TELLS THEM TO! Now who's being an extremist?
I am all for a Jewish state. But it was Germany who did the most damage to the Jews, not Palestine, so give them a part of Germany. What about Berlin? Why did that get divvied-up amongst the allies and Russia as opposed to give IT to the Jews?
Further, I see no problem with a Jewish presence in Palestine, but what they are doing to the "Native People" is reminiscent of Native Americans and Native Australians (Aborigines).

Forcing The Hand Of God.
Far too often, I hear some zealot tell me that the Jew's are the 'promised' ones, that God made a covenant with them. Well, was true, but in the past tense.
The word covenant implies two parties making a contract, or pact, and that if one party fails it's share of the deal, then the whole contract is void. For instance, would you pay someone for nothing, or would you expect somebody to give you something for nothing? If so, you may be disappointed.
Take the Bible as your witness.

A rebellious people "Ye have been rebellious against the Lord from the day that I knew you DEUTERONOMY 9:24
A STIFF-NECKED PEOPLE: 'For I know thy rebellion, and thy stiff neck behold, while I am yet alive with you this day, Ye have been rebellious against the Lord, and how much more after my death? DEUTERONOMY 31:27
A SECOND BONDAGE IN EGYPT: 'And the Lord shall bring you (the Jews) into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spate unto you (Jews), Thou shall see it no more again. And there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondsmen and bondswomen, and NO MAN shall buy you DEUTERONOMY 28:68 . . Now will he (the Lord) remember their (the Jews') iniquity, and visit there the Jews') sins: they shall RETURN to Egypt (for a second bondage). HOSEA 8:13
THE JEWS TO BE SUBSTITUTED: "Therefore said I (Jesus) unto you (Jews), The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. MATTHEW 21:43

Everyone looks to Israel as some sort of Messiah, but they are not. Only through illusion do they seem powerful, but God, alone, is the owner of all power.

Weapons of Choice?
One thing I AM getting sick of hearing is that the Palestinians are heavily armed. Sure, that looks like a heavy rock that that Palestinian man is throwing. At least the Native Americans had bows and arrows.

Al-Ibrahimi Mosque
Al-Ibrahimi Mosque is part of the third holiest Islamic place in Palestine, located in the city of Khalil al-Rahman (Hebron). Since 1967, the occupation authorities have changed its structure. Its drinking well, eastern door and steps, and one of the towers have been demolished. Currently, more than half of the mosque has been transformed into a synagogue. The steps which led to its transformation started in 1972 when the Israeli Supreme Court issued a decree allowing Jews to pray inside the Muslim mosque. Since then Jews regularly visited the mosque to pray, drink alcohol, and hang Jewish symbols. On Feb. 25, 1994, (Friday dawn, the 15th of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan) a Jewish terrorist from Keryat Arba' settlement, Dr. Goldstien, massacred 60 Muslim worshippers in the mosque and wounded over 200. Later, the authorities rewarded the terrorist by semi-closing the mosque and allowing only 300 Muslims to pray, after passing through heavy electronic security checks.