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My name is Bill. I'm a Caucasian American of Native (Cherokee), Italian (Sicilian/ Napoli), Dutch (Pennsylvanian) and Irish (some place green) heritage.
I work as an electrical technician in a fairly large facility testing and trouble-shooting Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) chips. I have attended two colleges and have studied mostly physics and philosophy.
I have always been interested in religion and philosophy, my Father is a Christian who is pursuing his minister licenses as a non-denominational (Born Again) Pastor. My Mother is a Baptist.
As a child, I was sent to Roman Catholic Sunday school in Keansberg, NJ. This was before my Father converted to Born Again. I always wondered if the religion that I was being taught was the right one, as, if God is one, then His religion must be one. I wondered that perhaps it was possible that I was not fortunate to be born into the correct religion, that maybe one of the other religions in this huge world might be the right one.
It is not my place to say that all non-Muslims are following the wrong religion, but I felt that Islam was the truth, and for the first time in my life, I accepted a religion, and the name I call for Allah!
I am fluent in every major religion in the world and most sects of those religions. I am certainly not the foremost authority in the subject matter, but I can hold my own.

Some scientific knowledge I wish to share
By the glory of Allah. In my readings, I have come across some astounding information about how Allah protects through his
commands though we don't even realize it.

Why we fast:
Of course, the most obvious reason is that Allah tells us to do it and we obey, but consider the following. The entire digestive
system is a complex compilation of various organs, from the mouth to the stomach to the liver and so on. Even the slightest
expectation of food consumption will trigger the entire system, just think of the last time you smelled lamb cooking in the kitchen
and your mouth started to water, this is your salivary glands starting-up, your stomach will begin to growl a few moments later.
With the pure intention to fast, the entire digestive system gets a much needed rest, for a whole month.
Now the swallowing process is a much unappreciated movement. You see, the throat and esophagus is lined with a delicate
layer of flesh called the muccous membrane. This muccous membrane gets a chance to heal itself during Ramadon (the Muslim
month of fasting) and therefore decreases the possibilities of getting a sore throat.
The liver is responsible for sixteen different functions in the human body, but one of those functions, digestion, can get a rest so
that the other functions can be serviced better, let's see:
The liver is responsible for maintaining a balance between injested food and food that is burnet up. The liver must either store
away the food or distribute it in the blood fo consumption. You see, the bone marrow is what provides the blood cells, but the
nutrient content of the globulins is the job of the liver. If the body does not need more nutrients, then the liver stores away the
rest of the food from the stomach as fat cells for use as reserve energy, for strenuous activity. If, however, there is no food, due
to fasting, then the liver goes back to those stored away fat cells and uses them. Also, the left-over nutrients already in the
blood will be burnt off more readily, seriously decreasing the risk of heart blockages in the future.
Still on the subject of the liver, with the use of the excess nutrients, the liver can now produce more immunoglobins, therefore,
anyone who devotes himself to the fast, will be many times more resilient to disease's.
The secretion of acid in the stomach is calmed as well, so the stomach, too, can rest. Ignore the claims of those who have never
fasted in their lives, because the stomach performs a successful digestion after the fast is broken.
The intestines are rested in a simular way, in both muscle movement and secretions. Beneath the endothelium of the intestines is
the Peyer plaques, this is a part of our immune system. When these plaques are rested they may reinforce our immune system
to astonishing levels. When was the last time you got sick during a solid fast?
Fasting during the month of Ramadan is extremely beneficiant to the heart as the circulatory system is relaxed. There is less
blood volume so the tissue is relieved of some pressure (diastolic pressure).
Further, with the complete burn up of nutrients in the blood vessles, as mentioned above, fatty cells cannot attach to the arterial
walls to cause constriction. The chance of heart problems or artereosclerosis, one of the biggest killers of mankind today, is
greatly reduced.

The reason for wudu (ritual wash-up)
The arteries, dear reader, are what deliver blood to the body from the heart, and the veins are what bring the blood back to the
heart. It has been knowen for generations that the best way to ensure that enouph blood gets to these body parts is by having
healthy, flexible arteries. In fact, arteriosclerosis (the hardening of blood vessels) is one of the leading killers of mankind today,
as mentioned in the fasting topic. One way of keeping our arteries flexable and healthy is the wudu.
The blood vessles of our bodies start from the heart and branch out into smaller, more numerous vessles to span the entire
length of the body. The hardest part for the heart to reach is the head, if you don't know why, just think about gravity. The
easiest part to reach is the feet, because the vessles are larger for a longer distance and it mearly travels down. The hands travel
down, most of the time, as well, but the vessles there are smaller.
Now, when you pass water over your flesh, the blood vessles contract. You see, your body temperature is warmer then that of
the water, unless you use hot water, so your blood vessles will contract. As your body naturally warms itself up, they expand.
Sound simple? Well it is, and it is the best way to exercise your blood vessles. By allowing your arteries to expand and
contract, you maintain the flexability of your blood vessles. But there is more.
Let's say you don't fast as well as is recommended, which, according to the sunnah of Muhammad (S.A.W.), is three days
every month plus Ramadan. You will still attain some of the protections fasting affords you from over eating. When fatty cells
attach themselves to artery walls, they begin to clog up your blood flow, this is especially dangerous to the heart. But by
performing wudu, as Muslims are directed to in the hadith (the recorded sayings and actions of Muhammad, peace be upon
him), we can allow an unrestricted flow of blood. As the blood vessles contract, any substance that is attached will have it's
hold weakened, and when they naturally expand to normal, they will loose their grip completely. For this reason, this hadith
makes more sense:
Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.A.) relates that he heard the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said: "May I tell you of three
things that will give you extra blessings?" His companions said, "Do tell us." He said, "Perform your wudu with cold water, go to
the Mosque frequently, and awaiting the next prayer after the last one." (Muslim)
Notice the first of the three recommendations, use cold water. The colder the water, the more that the arteries will contract.
The more they contract, the more exercise they get and the they shake loose any foreign substance. What magnificence is
hidden in the annals of Islam.
Don't think it stops there, because you can avoid those nasty wrinkles, too. That's right, reduce wrinkles before the happen, do
I sound like a commercial yet? Well, I can't get money for what Allah has given for free. Static electricity, you know, the shock
you get when walking across a carpet or rubbing a balloon on your hair, is a major contributer to wrinkles. But by washing, the
way Muslims make wudu, you can seriously avoid most wrinkles by the static discharge effect that water has. And if you're not
convinced yet, consider tayammum ( wudu using earth), Sand has the same discharge qualities as water. Trust me, I work in the electrical field.
What else could you expect? A cure for cancer? Well, maybe. The same principals that apply to the exercising of the arteries
also work for the lymphatic system. Our white blood cells are what protect us from disease's, and if they become clogged in an
area, then that area will immediately begin to develope cancerous growths. But the wudu, with cold water prefered, will
exercise those white blood cell vessles to allow an easier, unrestricted passage. Anyone who might claim that this is a mere
quincidence should consider that the whole process would be a waste of time if we didn't gargle the water and rinse our noses
with it. Anyone who performs the wudu the way it is recommended is sure to be quite resilient to disease's and to have a
healthy, radient shine to their faces (nafs).

The above two sections I would like to
mention the book, "Facts of Science,
Verses of Qur'an" by Dr. Haluk NurBaki.
He is a very inspirational writter.

Where does iron come from?
If we look in Sura (Qur'anic chapter) 57 which is entitled Hadid (Iron), in the 25th Ayah (Verse) we read:

"We sent aforetime Our messangers
with clear signs, and sent them the
Book and the Balance that men may
stand forth in justice; and We sent down
Iron, in which is great might, as well
as many uses for mankind, that Allah
may test who it is that will help, with
intention, Him and His messangers;
For Allah is Full of Strength,
Exhalted in Might."

This entire chapter is called Iron, But the middle part of this Ayat is the only mention of iron in the entire chapter, why? Well,
look at the Arabic word for 'sent down', anzala. It means 'revealed' or literally, 'given from above'. But we find iron in the
ground, right? Wrong.
Although we certainly do have to excavate the earth and dig to find iron, when the outer substance of iron is tested, scientists
have discovered that the materials found are not terran, meaning that they are extra-terrestrial, from space. Scientists have
broken down the atoms of iron to see how it is made and have come to realize that if all the energy in this galaxy was used to
produce Iron, then only a quarter (1/4) of the energy needed would be available. Therefore, iron truely is divinely handed
down. All these asteroids that contain iron are an enigma to us, if we can find out were they came from, we would probablely
have access to a large energy source as well.

What are mountains?
If you read the Qur'an, you will notice that Allah always seems to mention them as 'pegs'. Is this to say that these majestic
mountains that we see, larger than life, are mearly tent pegs? Yes.
Qur'an mentions that the earth would, "shake with you..." if not for the mountains, this is no jest. If we looked under mountains,
as a marine biologist I keep in contact with does, then we could see that, much like an iceberg, we are only seeing the tip of it.
A mountain is not resting on top of the earth, it is firmly rooted deep within.
The earth is a vast, hot core, mostly consisting of magma. Then we come to an area of plates that shift at times, this shifting near
the surface causes earthquakes. The earth would be in a constant state of shaking if not for the mountains being firmly rooted in
the earth as 'pegs'. I wonder, did Muhammad (S.A.W.) have a big shovel to dig and see this, or did he quess?

Why does the shariah (Islamic law) forbid twelve-hundred Muslims in a battle formation to retreat?
Anyone who has seen this law may refer back to the sunna that 1,200 men (or women) of one heart can never be defeated.
This, too, is miraculous. You see, in physics, there is a process called amplification. Any frequency of a constant tone will
magnify itself many times greater than an isolated one. Once these frequency's resonate at a perfect tone, they can over-power
much stronger materials than can a disharmonized frequency can.
Imangine, now, twelve-hundred men rushing forward, with one heart, or purpose. Would they not be undefeatable? This is why
the Muslims were able to defeat much larger forces in the past, they followed orders, had one goal, and moved as one body.
The kafir (non-Muslim) was not on the same mind-set. They were all thinking of collecting the war spoils after the battle, or
personal grudges, this is not a uni-mind way of thought.
The Bee:
The bee is a phenominon. I recommend selecting a video on this insect and it's habits.

"And your Lord suggested to the
bee: 'Take for yourselves homes
in the mountains, trees and ready-
made hives. Then eat of all
manner of fruit and follow the easy
path of your Lord.' A drink of different
colors comes from their bellies,
wherein is healing for men.
Surely in this is a sign for
people who reflect."

16: 68-69

The bee is truely amazing. Somehow, it knowes how to work in unison with other bees and makes the most beautiful hive of
hexagons. This is very much like Islamic architecture in some ways, and how does the bee of one colony make the same
structure as a bee on the other side of the world?
The biologist has no clue as to how the queen bee can detect the presence of a new source of honey to gather without ever
leaveing the hive, and how she can direct the worker bee's tword it by a dance. They can measure distance by climbing on each
others legs and using echo. And the same echo directs them back to the nest.
Ribose is a very important substance, part of our DNA, accordingto Dr. Nurbaki (see above), honey is the only foodstuff that
contains ribose. This ribose helps us in the reproduction of new cells, funny that only the queen bee is allowed to reproduce.
Depending on where the bee collects the honey, it will offer different benefits reflected in its color:
* White= The growth hormone.
* Translucent= Frutcose.
* Light yellow= Ribose.
* Yellow= Vitamin B2.
Honey, as Dr. Nurbaki states, "Is benificial in all chronic illnesses, and espesially in rheumatism, anemia, general weight
deficiecy, gastric and duodenal ulcers, epidermal illnesses, and convalescence."
I recommend reading his book ( mentioned above) as it was truely inspirational, and as I said, get a video on the bee. An entire
chapter (Sura) is devoted to the bee, so there must be something valuable we can learn from them. As I mentioned, they are
extreamly adept at working with each other, a natural Ummah (brother-hood).

This is From My 2nd Khutbah (Yes, I Speak In Public).
In this day and age, the religious folk are separated from the scientific folk. One dares not cross the line of the other, even in our public school system; religion is a forbidden word. In a monthly magazine called "The Sciences", in the Mar/Apr 99 issue, on page 41, there is a discussion about trying to join religion & science. Keith Ward, a 'Professor of Divinity' at Oxford, tries to find a common ground between Christianity and modern science. I declare now that this is a futile attempt at reaching out to a 'blind community'. The Christians don't want science to intervene in their faith as the 'believing without seeing' rule suits them just fine, but there is a better way. If science would just drop it's prejudices, then it and Islam could walk hand-in-hand. Let me explain.
We will show them our signs in the universe, and in their own selves, until it becomes
Manifest to them that this is the truth. Is it not sufficient to regard your Lord as Witness?
Over all things?
In nearly every aspect of science, there is a revelation in the Qur'an that provides a remarkable comparison with modern day knowledge. Remember that everything mentioned in here is from either Al-Qur'an or Ah-Hadith, both of which were revealed over 1400 years ago, at around 600 AD
Then he rose over towards the heaven when it was smoke, and said to it and the earth:
"Come both of you willingly or unwillingly." They both said: "We come willingly."
Scientists, like Professor Yoshihide Kozai at Tokyo University, were astonished to hear this Ayat. He, as many scientists today, knows that the universe was originally composed of a warm, smoky substance. Eventually, all of this came together to form the universe as we know it today. These same scientists believe in the 'Big Bang' theory. It is a time tested and proven theory that holds up to anything to date. Few scientists contest this theory. The theory states that all matter, including the 'smoke', came from one central location. In one instant, the matter 'exploded' out-wards. As it flows out, it expands forming different elements and compounds including the sun and earth.
Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together
as one united piece, then We parted them? And We have made from water every living
Thing. Will they then not believe?
He placed on the earth firm mountains from above it, and He blessed it, and measured therein
Its substance in four days for all those who ask.
And He affixed into the earth firm mountains, lest it should shake with you...
"Shake with us?" What does that mean? As Muslims, we just accept it, but we shouldn't. We should figure these things out so we can explain them to the Kafir. Now it's the Kafir that explain it to us.
Professor Siavenda, a man who is opposed to all religions, is astounded at seeing such an old book explain in detail the workings of the earth. He teaches that the mountains on land and in the sea, although created differently, all serve to stabilize the earth's crust. The surface of the planet is unstable, there are plates that rest against one another and when some shift, we experience an earthquake. If not for the mountains, we would experience one long earthquake that would never stop.
And the mountains as pegs?
And the mountains He has fixed firmly.
If you look back at the second half of ayat 21:30, it says, "Every living thing from water." All biologists are in agreement that life started in the sea. I wonder what it must have been like for Muhammad (SAW) to have tried to explain to his people in the desert this revelation 1400 years ago. I'm surprised they didn't die of laughter.
Allah created every living thing from water...
And it is Allah who created man from water...
Then the evolutionary stage began. Although not fully proven, like the Big Bang theory it is accepted and even taught in our public schools. The Qur'an appears to support the claim to evolution by Charles Darwin.
I will create man, generation upon generation on earth...
And it is He that has made you generation after generation, replacing each other on earth...
To transfigure you and create you into forms you know not.
The Qur'an shows us how we were formed in our mothers womb.
So let man see how he was created! From a liquid gushing out, proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs.
Then we made the Nutfah (mixed drops of male and female sexual discharge) into a clot (of coagulated blood), then We made the clot into a little lump of flesh, and then we made bones of it. Then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought it forth as another creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of creators.
See also, 4:1; 6:2; 15:26,28,33; 16:4; 21:30; 22:5; 23:12-14; 25:54; 32:7-9; 35:11; 36:77,78; 37:11; 39:6; 40:67; 49:13; 55:14; 56:57-59; 75:37-40; 76:1,2; 77:20-23; 80:18,19; 86:5-8; 96:2.
Dr. Keith Moore, Professor of Embryology at the University of Toronto, Canada, was so impressed at the revelations that he even changed his text-book according to the Qur'an. He was amazed to see the word 'alaqah, which means 'leech-like clot'. He did some research and found that the fetus looks like a leech in the early stages. He faithfully defends the revelation to this day saying: "The only way Muhammad (SAW) could have known such things in his time was if he had invented the microscope 1200 years earlier than leewenhook, did years of intensive study, found the answers 1400 years before its time, and successfully destroyed the evidence of his research and the microscope. This is not likely.
The Qur'an tackles the question of the sun and the moon. Geocentricism was the common belief since the time of Aristotle and Ptolemy 800 years before Muhammad (SAW). This explains the sun as rotating around the earth and the earth being the center of the universe. It wasn't until 900 years after Muhammad (SAW) that Copernicus came along and said that the earth rotated around the sun, and even then he thought that the sun was the center of the universe.
And it is He who created... the sun and moon, each in its own elliptical orbit.
And it is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor does the night outstrip the day.
They all float, each in an orbit.
One of my favorite suras is Al-Hadid. It is the sura of iron. When you read it, there is only one small ayat mentioning the iron. I am surprised that know one ever noticed that the significance was all in one word. Down. It doesn't say sent or gave, it says down, like the sending down of rain. Professor Armstrong is a well-known scientist at NASA. He was shocked at this ayat as cosmologists know that Iron cannot form on earth, or anywhere in our solar system. He says that if all the energy in the solar system were brought forth to make iron then it would only be one-fourth of the energy needed to make a single atom of iron. He says all iron on earth came in the form of meteors and landed on earth.
I myself wrote E-mail to a Marine Geologist in California named Andrew J. Stevenson. I asked him if iron comes from space, he replied that iron is formed from a very large star, larger that our sun, that supernovas (explodes), and is then sent to us. He stated that a small amount may have formed in the earth's crust when we it was in its gaseous state. So he confirmed two of the Qur'ans revelations.
"...And We sent down iron wherein is great power, and many benefits for mankind..."
We move on as Professor Armstrong also agrees with more of our scripture. He says that cosmologists are constantly trying to look farther into space all the time, but no mater how hard they try or how much money they spend, they cannot see out of our universe.
And indeed We have adorned the nearest heaven with stars, and We have made such lamps as missiles to drive away the Shaytan.
He tells us, also, that the sky is perfect, with no rifts in it.
Have they not looked to the heaven above them, how We made and adorned it? And there are no rifts in it.
Who has created the seven heavens one above the other; you can see no fault in the creation of the Most Gracious. Look again: can you see any rifts?
Then look again and yet again: your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out.
In the fields of Meteorology, we have recently come to understand that the clouds are pushed by the wind to be stacked up on top of each other to get higher in the sky. When it does that, the top-most portion is pushed into a cold enough regions that it turns from gas to liquid then rains down on us.
See you not that Allah drives the clouds gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap of layers, and you see the rain come down. He sends down from the sky hail from a mountain's height, and hits whom He wills. The vivid flash of its lightning nearly blinds them.
These same Meteorologists have discovered that hail forms at a height of 25,000 to 30,000 feet (4.7 to 5.7 miles) in the sky. These cumulonimbus clouds can only shower hail from these heights, as it is cold enough to transform to rain liquid to a solid... ice. It is also mentioned about lightning. This is not a coincidence. Lightning is formed when the relatively cool hail passes ice crystals on the way down. As liquid ice droplets fall on the hail, it freezes immediately and releases latent heat so the surface of the hail is warmer than the other ice crystals. When more ice touches the hail, the positive electrons flow from the colder object to the warmer object. Now the hail is negatively charged. As enough hail moves farther from the cloud, they arc, that's your lightning.
Even more examples are dug up by the kafir. They know the universe is still expanding in the Big Bang, but so do we.
With power did We create the heavens, and We are expanding it.
But they are also speculating that there is more than one planet that can support life like earth. The Qur'an say's there are others.
It is Allah who created the seven heavens and the earth the like thereof... Allah has power over all things,
But don't worry, even if there are aliens out there, Allah is the Master of All the Worlds, as in Sura Al-Fatiha.
The scientists, as mentioned earlier, believe in the Big Bang. The after-math of a Big Bang is a Big Crunch. This means that just as if everyone on the planet would throw a ball into the sky at the same time, they would all fall back down to the earth, no mater the size of the ball or the strength of the thrower. But just like the balls, they would go up (or out, away from the earth), slow down, and then fall, gradually picking up speed. This process would continue again and again apparently. The Qur'an supports this as well.
And remember the Day when We will roll up the heaven like a scroll. As We began the first creation, so shall We repeat it. It is a promise binding.
Studies were done to prove that time moves faster on the top of mountains than on the ground. So if the laws of Thermodynamics are applied, then Entropy will destroy the mountains sooner than the land. And if this happens, then, as noted earlier, the earth will quake itself to destruction. And volcanoes will explode everywhere.
Then the trumpet will be blown for the first time.
And the earth and the mountains will be removed from their places, and crushed with a mighty blow.
And that day the sky will be like the boiling filth of oil. And the mountains like flakes of wool.
When the earth is shaken one final time. And the earth throws out its burdens. And man asks the problem. That day it will declare its information. Because your Lord inspired it. That day man will proceed in scattered groups to see their deeds. So who ever does an atoms weight of good or evil shall see it.
If the earth should stop its rotation and spin backward to the center of the universe, then that would fulfill the Hadith prophecy of the sun rising from the west. The biggest minds in the theory of the Big Crunch, namely Michael Berty, Thomas Gold and Steven Hawking, Agree that time will itself reverse. This would certainly serve to show us all that we had done and all that we had sent before us, it would also explain why our hands, feet and tongues will show us everything and we cannot stop it, and things long forgotten would be made known to us. Time is indeed the perfect keeper of records. Some of the above ayat support this theory, as well as this.
And the Messengers are gathered to their time appointed.
Another name for a singularity would be a Black Hole. No mater what you call it, it is a phenomenon. Many Cosmologists believe that they are gateways into a new dimension. This is not, too far fetched. Nothing could stand the pressure of a Black Hole. It is formed when a large star dies out and collapses on itself. Not even light can escape, or a smoke less flame such as the Jinn.
And the heaven will be rent asunder, for the day it will be frail and torn up.
And the heavens will be opened up as gates.
And remember the day when the heaven will be rent asunder with clouds, and the angels will be sent down, with a grand descending.
The last part seems to explain the angels as coming down through the gates. To do what? Perhaps it is to bring us before Allah for final judgment.
You shall certainly travel from stage to stage.
This is all I have. And remember this is all speculation. All the knowledge of the Final Day lies wholly with Allah, not even his angels know what is in his sight. I am simply trying to make some sense out of His revelations. This is only to show you all that Allah is capable of all things and can still stay within his own boundaries. I pray you will take this knowledge to heart and pass it on, rather than let it rot and die in your brains. Remember that if Allah guides a Kafir to Islam through you, it is better for you than to own ten red camels (a very rare and prized stock).